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2021-2022 Fall Term Course Registrations

Course registrations for 2021-2022 Fall Semester will start tomorrow through the obs system. If you have any questions or problems with your course registrations, you can contact the e-mail addresses given below: 1.Class —————————-> 2.Class —————————-> 3.Class —————————-> 4.Class —————————-> Lateral / Vertical Transfer —–>

2021-2022 Fall Term Course Schedule

Notes: i) Courses highlighted in yellow will be held online, while other courses will be held face-to-face. ii) Attendance to face-to-face classes is mandatory. iii) Lab lessons are highlighted in blue. If the class of the lab is a UE coded class, it means that the lab will be done online. If not, it will […]

2020-2021 Spring Term Single Course Exam

Single course exam applications will be between June 24-28 and the exam will be held on Wednesday, June 30th. You should contact the instructor of the course for the exam time and other details. For application, students must fill in the form here and send it to Otherwise, the application will not be valid […]

About 2020-2021 Summer School

The courses to be opened in the summer term of 2020-2021, if sufficient numbers are reached, are listed in the table below. You can take the courses opened in our department only from our department, and for the courses that are not opened, you can take courses from other universities whose language of instruction is […]

2020-2021 Summer Term Coop Practice

Dear All, In the 2020-2021 Summer Term, COOP internships can be completed in a company or by doing a project. Those who want to do the internship in a company must deliver the following documents to Res. Asst. Cihan Kuzudişli by hand or by mail until Thursday, June 10: – F31 Coop Education Protocol – F14 […]