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Summer School 2022

The courses to be opened in the summer term of 2021-2022, if sufficient numbers are reached, are listed in the table below. You can take the courses opened in our department only from our department, and for the courses that are not opened, you can take courses from other universities whose language of instruction is […]

2021-2022 Summer Term Coop Applications

In the 2021-2022 Summer Semester, COOP internship can be done in companies approved by the department. Students who are eligible for COOP internship are required to deliver the following documents to Res. Asst. Cihan Kuzudisli by hand or courier until Friday, June 3: – F31 Coop Education Protocol – F14 Coop Student Demanding Form – F28 […]

About Those Who Could Not Take Midterm Exam

Students who couldn’t take the midterm exam can submit their health reports to the secretariat between 28.03.2022 –  01.04.2022. Reports submitted after this date will not be accepted. The medical report must be taken from a full-fledged hospital. Reports taken from health centers will not be accepted.