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2021-2022 Summer School Course Schedule


2021-2022 Summer School Registrations and Fees

The courses to be offered as a result of the preliminary applications are as follows: – CENG311/COME407 Data Communications and Computer Networks – MATH331/MATH207 Probability and Statistics – MATH212/MATH252 Differential Equations – CENG314/EEE310 Miroprocessors For detailed information about 2021-2022 academic year summer school applications and registration procedures, click here.

Summer School 2022

The courses to be opened in the summer term of 2021-2022, if sufficient numbers are reached, are listed in the table below. You can take the courses opened in our department only from our department, and for the courses that are not opened, you can take courses from other universities whose language of instruction is […]

Single Course Exams

Single course exam applications can be made on 15-16-17 June. The single course exam will be held on 22-23-24 June.

2021-2022 Spring Term Resit Exam Schedule