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Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022

The courses to be opened in the summer term of 2021-2022, if sufficient numbers are reached, are listed in the table below. You can take the courses opened in our department only from our department, and for the courses that are not opened, you can take courses from other universities whose language of instruction is English, content of the course is compatible with the content of the departmental course, and credit is at least as many as the departmental course. You can take a maximum of 12 credits of courses in the summer term.

In Department
To enroll in the courses offered in our department, you should fill out the summer school form that you will obtain from the secretariat and deliver it to Res. Asst. Cihan Kuzudisli.

Out of Deparment
For the courses you will take from other universities, you must first fill out the form here along with course contents and send it to for approval. Whether the form you submitted has been approved or not will also be notified by e-mail. If approval is given, you can take the course, if not, you cannot take the course. Even if you pass the unapproved course successfully, it will be considered invalid and will not be processed in your transcript.

You can also find the list of technical electives here.

Important dates
29-30 June 2022 —> Paying the Summer School course fees and making the final course registrations
4 July 2022   ——-> Faculty/School Summer School classes start

Note: You can learn the tuition fee per credit from accounting.