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About 2020-2021 Fall Term Education

About 2020-2021 Fall Term Education

Hasan Kalyoncu University will continue its education with the Hybrid Education model for the 2020-2021 Fall Semester. Computer Engineering Department will apply this model throughout the education period. Some lectures will be conducted online, and some will be conducted both online and face to face. Students can take all lectures online (including laboratories) or attend face-to-face lectures at the university. There will be no two different course schedules for face-to-face or online education. While the lessons will be held face to face on the day and time specified in the schedule, they will also be broadcast live on Zoom for online students. No questionnaire or form will be used for taking the lessons online or face to face. It is sufficient for the students to stay in touch with the instructor of the relevant course. While midterm exams will be made as homework or projects, the announcement about the final exams will be made later.

We wish you all success in the new academic year.

Head of Computer Engineering Department