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In our coutry, computer engineering education basically covers computer sciences, hardware and software components. Due to the fact that hardware is a subject which is also included in electrical and electronic engineering, the general focal point of the education is computer sciences and software production.

The opinion of many people in our country is that technology information such as programming language, development environment, operating system userness is the main determining factor in the computer industry. Accordingly, many certificate programs and even education which engineering is included in its name are given at market conditions.

But the engineering discipline has a much more important purpose than being a user of one or several technologies. And this is the acquisition of learning, forming, and scientific infrastructure. This provides the ability to approach a problem by grasping the concepts from their cores with right approaches, and choosing the best tools. It will be easier with as much for an engineer with this infrastructure to learn the technology later on than someone without infrastructure and knowledgeable about technology acquiring infrastructure.